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How should filmmakers ensure their films are included in a British Film Festival?Link

Film fairs attract industry professionals, including critics, who want to discover new and exciting films to write about and promote.

Lights, Camera, Action: Why the Northampton Film Festival is a Must-Attend Event for Film Lovers and Businesses Alike!Link

Film festivals are not just a source of entertainment but also an avenue for community building, cultural exchange, and industry development. 

Live event statistics and assistanceLink

Event organisers may have different policies regarding allowing dogs at live open air events.

Live Event AttendanceLink

Here are some of the biggest live events in the world each year, ranked by estimated attendance.

Gyder App GeneralLink

Downloading the free gyder app is easy, free and the application does not ask for personal information.

Gyder App for VisitorsLink

If the offers are relevant to the interests of the users and provide a perceived value, they are more likely to respond positively.

Gyder App BenefitsLink

There could be several reasons why live event visitors may not download the

Exhibitor PromotionLink

Exhibitors can benefit from advertising on at live events in several ways.

Event Industry Impacts and StatisticsLink

It is difficult to compile a definitive list of the most unsuccessful live events worldwide as there are likely many events that have not been publicly documented.

Event Concerns and SolutionsLink

Event organisers can stay on top of social media conversations related to their event, respond to feedback in real-time, and gain valuable insights into attendee experiences.

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