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Cut Costs and Deliver Results: How Gyder Makes Visitor Apps More Affordable

Building a bespoke event app is very expensive. For example, the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe app cost £100,000, and the organisers couldn’t afford to spend the same after the pandemic, so the organisers dropped it. This led to a lot of criticism. 

Gyder is virtually cost-free, can be used by big and small events, and raises money through advertising and sponsorship.

Gyder is a mobile application that provides event organisers with an affordable, flexible, and customisable solution for managing and promoting their events.

One of the advantages of Gyder is that it allows organisers to easily create and manage event schedules, provide real-time updates to attendees, and facilitate interactions between attendees and organisers. The platform also offers a range of promotional features, such as push notifications, social media integration, and in-app advertising, which can help to increase visibility and engagement for events.

In addition to its core features, Gyder offers a unique revenue-sharing model allowing event organisers to generate income through advertising and sponsorship. This can be a significant benefit for events that may not have the resources to develop their bespoke app, as it provides a way to offset some of the costs associated with organising an event.

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