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Don’t Miss a Thing: How Gyder Helps Visitors Plan Their Live Event Experience can help visitors ensure they can attend all the events they want to see at a live show in several ways:

Personalised Schedule:

The allows attendees to create a personalised schedule of events they want to attend. They can browse through the list of events and add them to their schedule. The application will then notify them when the event is about to start, ensuring they don’t miss it.

Real-time Updates:

The provides real-time updates on event schedules, including changes and cancellations. Attendees can check the application to ensure they are aware of any changes to the schedule that might impact the events they want to attend.

Map Navigation:

The map allows attendees to navigate the event venue and locate the events and exhibitors they want to attend easily. They can use the map to find the quickest route to their next event, ensuring they don’t waste time getting lost or wandering around the show.


The can send attendees reminders before events they want to attend, ensuring they don’t forget and miss the event.


The can also provide recommendations for events based on the attendee’s interests and activities they have attended previously. This can help attendees discover new events they might have missed otherwise.

Overall, the can help attendees ensure they can attend all the events they want to see by providing a personalised schedule, real-time updates, map navigation, reminders, and recommendations. This ensures attendees have the best possible experience at the event and don’t miss any events they want to see.

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