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Environmental Impact and Sustainability

What are the day-to-day things people do to generate carbon

  • Driving a car or riding a motorcycle
  • Taking a flight or travelling by other forms of transportation like buses, trains or ships
  • Using electricity and heating/cooling systems in homes and buildings
  • Consuming meat and dairy products, which require a significant amount of energy to produce and transport
  • Using single-use plastic products such as straws, bags, and containers that end up in landfills and release greenhouse gases as they degrade
  • Using electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and televisions that require energy to operate and are often discarded improperly
  • Shopping for goods that are produced and transported from far away locations
  • Wasting food, which produces methane as it decomposes in landfills
  • Using products made from fossil fuels such as plastics, synthetic fabrics, and synthetic fertilisers
  • Engaging in activities that require the use of power tools, lawn mowers, or other small engines.

It’s worth noting that not all carbon emissions are equal in terms of their impact on the environment. For example, emissions from burning fossil fuels like coal and oil are more harmful than those from burning natural gas. Additionally, some activities that generate carbon emissions may be necessary for daily life, but there are ways to minimise their impact by reducing, reusing, and recycling, as well as investing in more sustainable technologies and practices.

What is the carbon footprint of a live show in the UK, and how could help in lowering this?

The carbon footprint of a live show in the UK can vary widely depending on the size of the event, the location, the type of event, and other factors. 

However, it’s important to note that live events can significantly impact the environment due to the amount of energy consumed, waste generated, and transportation required. can help event organisers lower their carbon footprint by promoting sustainable practices and informing attendees on how to reduce their environmental impact. Some ways can do this include:

  • Promoting public transportation: Encouraging attendees to use public transportation can help reduce the carbon footprint of an event by reducing the number of cars on the road.
  • Encouraging carpooling: can encourage carpooling by providing a platform for attendees to connect with each other and coordinate rides.
  • Promoting sustainable practices: can provide information on sustainable practices such as recycling, reducing plastic waste, and reducing energy consumption.
  • Encouraging local sourcing: Sourcing products and services locally can help reduce the carbon footprint of an event by reducing transportation emissions.
  • Carbon offsetting: can promote carbon offsetting programs that allow event organisers to offset the carbon emissions associated with their event.

Why is the Gyder event app a better option for event organisers than printing a programme for live events?

  • Ready to go event platform that requires no design input from event professionals, only the event content (map, timetables etc.)
  • Fully sustainable option for getting event information to Attendees.  Helps events promote environmental awareness
  • Event app for visitors is always free, as is the information hosted in it, meaning more people will want access to it – in return, Exhibitors will be more receptive to advertise knowing the audience is substantial
  • Advertising within the UI is subtle and relevant, yet far reaching and drives interaction, especially with offers that Attendees benefit from
  • Distribution of the app is achieved via 100% digital channels meaning virtually no costs to the organiser in getting the app into the hands of their Attendees
  • Changes to event content can be updated quickly, real-time in the app meaning everything stays up to date.  New advertising can even be placed during the event, maximising the opportunity to drive revenue throughout
  • Gyder is a platform of a events and attractions that generates cross promotion, driving new visitors to events who previously didn’t know about them
  • Let’s Organisers give their Exhibitors and Sponsors a better experience with better guiding of Attendees to their stands and dynamic advertising that represents a better ROI
  • Fully interactive experience meaning Attendees can plan their visit days before the show, engage with the content and share the things they want to engage with whilst they are there
  • Let’s Organisers drive revenue even after the event has finished.  The app can stay live year round, giving a platform for news, next year’s ticket sales and allowing their exhibitors to keep their affiliation with the event live with extended advertising.
  • Information is easily accessible via search menus and ‘find my nearest’ options that navigate Attendees to where they need to go
  • App insights provided to Organisers give never before seen information on how Attendees interacted with their event.  This helps future show planning and a better idea on what Attendees like/don’t like

Why is a Gyder map for a live event better than a printed programme?

  • Gyder maps are designed to the same standard as most mobile mapping platforms (Google maps, Apple maps etc.) giving Users familiarity and an ability to use straight away
  • Gyder gives turn by turn directions to Users to anything and everything at the event
  • Gyder can update event maps during the even meaning maps stay relevant
  • Gyder’s ‘find my nearest’ feature lets Attendees get instant directions to the things that matter the most
  • Directions to first aid stations and life-saving defibrillators can be found instantly
  • Attendees can use Gyder map filters to see only what matters to them
  • Gyder insights give Organisers an overall view of how Attendees navigated their way around their event.  Footfall heat maps summarise Attendee movements during the event and aide future planning
  • Gyder maps mean no printed versions are required which promotes event sustainability

Why is Gyder a better option for sponsors and exhibitors than paying to feature in a printed event program?

  • Gyder has a range of advertising options to suit all budgets.  Branded pins, banners, feature pages and multiple sponsorship opportunities are available.
  • The format of Gyder advertisements remains the same throughout the UI giving users familiarity in accessing information
  • Because the app is free, more Attendees will download the app meaning more of them will see and interact with the adverts 
  • Content in our feature pages is mostly unrestricted.  This means multiple images, extended copy, offers and directions to the Exhibitor can all be supported, all in one advert!
  • Sponsorship advertisements are prominent throughout the app which gives ultimate exposure to app users.  Main sponsors generate over half a million views at a typical event of 135,000 Attendees
  • Gyder insights give Exhibitors never before seen performance statistics on their adverts. Did their products and services resonate with the Attendees?  What did they like and what didn’t they like?  
  • We let Exhibitors generate offers during the event, meaning they can change their sales approach based on Attendee feedback.  New product sales not going well?  Let Gyder generate a show specific offer and drive the crowds directly to your stand.
  • Exhibitors can promote sustainability in their businesses with Gyder’s digital advertising options
  • Adverts placed on the platform can remain in place year round, generating constant interaction from app users

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