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Event Concerns and Solutions

Should event organisers monitor social media during and after a live event and what tools can they use to help them?

Yes, event organisers should monitor social media during and after a live event. Social media monitoring can provide valuable feedback about attendees’ experiences, as well as insights into how the event was perceived by the broader public. Here are some tools that can help event organisers monitor social media:

  • Social listening tools: These tools allow event organisers to track mentions of their event or brand on social media. Some popular social listening tools include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Mention.
  • Hashtag tracking tools: Hashtags are a popular way for event attendees to share their experiences on social media. Hashtag tracking tools allow event organisers to track and analyse the usage of specific hashtags related to their event. Some popular hashtag tracking tools include Hashtagify and RiteTag.
  • Real-time analytics tools: Real-time analytics tools can help event organisers track engagement and reach in real-time. For example, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics both offer real-time tracking of engagement metrics.
  • Reputation management tools: Reputation management tools can help event organisers monitor and respond to negative feedback or reviews on social media. Some popular reputation management tools include Brand24 and Yotpo.

By using these tools, event organisers can stay on top of social media conversations related to their event, respond to feedback in real-time, and gain valuable insights into attendee experiences. 

This can help to improve future events and refine social media strategies. Additionally, the can be used to collect feedback from attendees and track social media mentions of the event, which can be used to improve future events and refine social media strategies.

What are event organisers’ key concerns ahead of a live event and how can help?

Event organisers have a variety of concerns ahead of a live event, some of which include:

  • Safety: Ensuring the safety of attendees, staff, and vendors is a top concern for event organisers. This includes addressing potential hazards, providing medical services, and implementing security measures.
  • Attendance: Event organisers want to ensure that the event is well-attended and that they meet their attendance targets. This includes marketing the event effectively, providing an attractive program of activities, and ensuring that the event is easily accessible to attendees.
  • Logistics: Planning and executing a live event involves coordinating many logistical details, such as transportation, equipment rental, vendor management, and scheduling. Event organisers need to ensure that all of these details are taken care of and that everything runs smoothly.
  • Engagement: Event organisers want attendees to be engaged and enjoy the event. This includes providing a range of activities and attractions, providing up-to-date information and event schedules, and creating a welcoming atmosphere. can help event organisers address many of these concerns. For example, it can provide attendees with up-to-date event information, including schedules, maps, and attraction details, which can help increase engagement and attendance. Additionally, the app can help with logistics by providing a platform for vendors and sponsors to advertise their services and products to attendees. The app can also help with safety by providing emergency information and medical assistance, as well as a platform for organisers to communicate with attendees in case of an emergency.

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