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Get More from Your Event App: How Gyder Outperforms Google Maps

Gyder can be a powerful tool for helping visitors navigate and find their way around an event. One of the key advantages of Gyder is its flexibility and customisability, which allows event organisers to create detailed maps and floor plans that are tailored to the specific layout of their event.

General mapping apps, do not recognise that an event is taking place or have outdated or inaccurate information about event locations and schedules.  Gyder is designed specifically for event management and can be updated in real-time to reflect any changes or updates to the event.

Gyder’s mapping and navigation features allow visitors to easily find their way around an event, including locating specific exhibitors, vendors, or event spaces. The app can provide step-by-step directions to different locations within the event, as well as information about nearby amenities such as restrooms, food and beverage options, and seating areas.

Google Maps and other similar applications supplied by Apple and others will have none of this information.  Indeed, a busy live event with hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors will look blank on Google Maps.

Gyder also offers a range of features that can help to enhance the visitor experience and improve engagement. For example, the app can provide information about specific events or activities taking place at different locations within the event, allow users to create customised schedules and reminders, and provide real-time updates about changes or delays.

Overall, Gyder can be a valuable tool for event organisers looking to provide visitors with an intuitive and user-friendly way to navigate and explore their events. Its customisability and real-time updates make it an attractive alternative to general mapping apps that have no information about temporary event spaces.

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