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Going Digital: The Cost Comparison of Live Event Programmes vs. Gyder

The cost of printing a live event programme versus using can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the event, the number of attendees, the complexity of the programme, and the features required. Here are some general comparisons:

Printing Live Event Programme:

Design and printing costs:

The cost of designing and printing programmes can vary depending on the size, colour, and complexity of the programme. The cost of printing can range from a few cents to several pounds per programme.

Shipping costs:

If the programmes are printed outside of the event location, shipping costs can also add up.

Time and logistics:

Printing programmes requires time and logistics to design, proof, print, and distribute the programmes. This can add extra costs, especially if changes are needed at the last minute.

Out of Date:

Printing time means copy has to be submitted weeks in advance. This means that programmes are often out of date and inaccurate.


The number of copies sold is hard to estimate often resulting in thousands of programmes having to be disposed of.

Visitor Cost:

Event organisers need to charge for programmes or subsidise them with sponsorship income 


Platform fee:

The cost of using Gyder is minimal compared to printing programmes. Often this can be less than a printed programme shipping cost.

Setup costs:

Gyder has a one off platform fee cost and all of its services are included.

Visitor cost:

Gyder is free to visitors meaning the vast majority of attendees will engage digitally.  This will mean advertising and sponsorship income should increase with the audience size.

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