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Gyder App General

What is the difference between a branded and an unbranded Gyder app?

Gyder has two levels of interactive app for event organisers to offer to their visitors for free:

Gyder Directory

This is a lower cost option where an event will be loaded to the main Gyder directory where the event will be displayed together with other events.  

Users  will be able to download the app and find the event by scrolling down, searching or the event will appear at the top of the list if they are closer to their event than others also featuring on the app.

The great thing about being on the Gyder Directory is that the cost is minimal and the app works in every way like the Branded Gyder App once the visitor has chosen their event.

Branded Gyder App

The branded Gyder app will feature its own listing on Google Play and Apple App store.

The Gyder app – often called a ‘white label’ allows for complete branding throughout, from the opening screen to each section.

The level of reporting and statistics will increase with the branded app giving the event organiser greater insight into their visitor behaviour.  This will also include pop up surveys which the visitor can choose to complete.

What can event organisers earn from advertising revenue generated by Gyder? is a platform that provides event organisers with tools to create, promote, and manage events. One way event organisers can earn from advertising with the is by promoting their events through the platform’s advertising channels. This can increase the visibility of the event and attract more attendees, which can result in higher ticket sales and revenue for the organiser.

Another way event organisers can earn from advertising with is through sponsorships. The event organiser and may partner with sponsors who are interested in promoting their products or services to event attendees. Event organisers can earn a commission from these sponsors by promoting their products or services to attendees through sponsored advertisements.

Finally, may offer revenue-sharing agreements to event organisers who promote the platform’s services to their audience. If an event organiser encourages their attendees to use to create and manage events, they may receive a commission on the revenue generated by those events.

It’s important to note that the specific earning potential for event organisers will depend on the terms of their partnership agreement with, as well as the success of advertising and promotional efforts.

How common is the use of QR codes now that the pandemic is over?

The use of QR codes has become more common and widespread, especially since the pandemic. 

QR codes were already being used in various industries before the pandemic, but their use has increased significantly during the pandemic due to their contactless nature, which makes them ideal for reducing the risk of transmission of the virus.

QR codes have been used for a variety of purposes, such as contactless payments, digital menus, and digital event tickets, among others. Many businesses, organisations, and events have adopted the use of QR codes to enhance the customer experience and reduce the need for physical contact.

It is likely that the use of QR codes will continue to grow, as they offer several advantages, such as being easy to use, cost-effective, and versatile. The ability to scan a QR code using a smartphone camera has become more widespread, and many people are now familiar with the process.

For, QR codes are used to help visitors easily access event maps, schedules, and other important event information by simply scanning the code with their smartphone camera. This makes it easy for event organisers to provide attendees with up-to-date information, and for attendees to navigate the event.

Is Gyder Free to download and use?

Gyder is free for all visitors to a show.

What happens if I don’t want to download Gyder to my phone?

Downloading the free gyder app is easy, free and the application does not ask for personal information.  However, it is each visitor’s choice to download Gyder or not.

Does Gyder collect personal information?

Unlike many event applications, Gyder does not collect personal information.  An account is not required and there are no passwords needed.  The map function requires location data, so the Gyder app will know where a device using the app is. Location data is collected but is not connected to a person, just a device.

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