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Mastering the Art of Event Organisation: Key Skills for Success

Event organisers have the daunting task of managing and executing events, big or small, that meet the expectations of their attendees. However, one critical aspect often overlooked is communication during and after the event.

During the Event

During an event, communication is crucial to ensure attendees have a positive experience. Event organisers need to be proactive in communicating any changes to the schedule or the event location and any unexpected issues that may arise. Communication channels such as social media, email, and mobile apps can provide real-time updates to attendees.

Directions – Maps

One common problem is that attendees are often left in the dark about where to go or what to do during the event. This can lead to frustration and a negative experience. Event organisers should ensure that there are clear signs and directions for attendees, as well as a schedule of events that is easily accessible. is helping event organisers increase communications with their visitors by supplying a branded app to the event with timetables, scheduling and bespoke maps which guide visitors to anywhere they want to go.


Another area where communication is crucial is when it comes to accessibility. Attendees with disabilities or special needs should be provided with information on how to access the event and any special accommodations that are available. This can include things like wheelchair access, hearing loops, or sign language interpreters.

UK legislation has made Britain a fairer world for those with particular accessibility needs. The used by event organisers, includes the facility to mark access points and wheelchair-friendly routes. This improves the visitor experience for all visitors.

Feedback During and After the Event

Gathering reviews and feedback from visitors to an event are important tasks for the event organiser who will be required to report on how well the event was received and what should change in the future to improve events going forward. allows event organisers to gather feedback not just after the event but also scheduled events during the show.

Once the branded is downloaded to a visitor’s phone, it is very likely to remain well after an event has finished. This means organisers and advertisers can still maintain a two-way dialogue with valuable visitors.


Effective communication is critical for event organisers to ensure that attendees have a positive experience. From providing real-time updates during the event to gathering feedback after the event, communication can help build trust and create a loyal fan base. By using a variety of communication channels and being proactive in addressing attendees’ needs, event organisers can create successful events that keep attendees coming back year after year.

Using an event app like Gyder can be a great solution to the problem of communication between event organisers and attendees. Gyder is a user-friendly mobile app that allows event organisers to keep attendees informed and engaged before, during, and after the event.

Here are some ways Gyder can improve communication at events:

  • Real-time updates: With Gyder, event organisers can send real-time updates to attendees, such as changes to the schedule, speaker announcements, or emergency notifications.
  • Interactive features: Gyder allows event organisers to engage attendees with interactive features like polls, live Q&A, and social media integration.
  • Personalised schedules: Attendees can create Personalised schedules in the app, which can be updated in real-time based on changes to the event schedule.
  • Post-event feedback: After the event, attendees can provide feedback through the app, which event organisers can use to improve future events.

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