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Navigating Live Events: Common Mistakes with Paper Maps vs. Smartphone Maps

There are several mistakes that people can make when using a paper map compared to a smartphone map:

Difficulty in orienting the map:

With a paper map, it can be difficult to orient the map correctly, especially when the map is not aligned with the surrounding terrain or landmarks. This can lead to confusion and difficulty in finding the correct location.

Inaccurate distance estimation:

It can be difficult to accurately estimate distances on a paper map, especially when there are no clear markers or scales on the map. This can lead to incorrect estimations of travel time and distance, which can be frustrating and can cause delays.

Lack of real-time updates:

Paper maps do not provide real-time updates on traffic, construction, or other obstacles that may affect travel. This can lead to unexpected delays or difficulties in finding the correct route.

Difficulty in finding specific locations:

It can be challenging to find specific locations on a paper map, especially when there are many landmarks or streets to navigate. This can lead to frustration and difficulty in finding the desired location.

Limited functionality:

Paper maps do not offer the same functionality as smartphone maps, such as turn-by-turn directions, voice navigation, and real-time traffic updates. This can make it more challenging to navigate and can lead to mistakes and delays.
Overall, while paper maps can still be a valuable tool in certain situations, they lack the real-time updates and functionality of smartphone maps, leading to mistakes and navigation difficulties.

Event organisers must accept that providing a paper map or one on a board at an event will become increasingly irrelevant to their visitors. This will likely lead to visitor confusion, bottlenecks, poor visitor flow, exhibitors who can’t be found, and less time exploring all an event offers.  This issue will be resolved by using apps such as Gyder to map out their event and supply it together with timetables.

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