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Official Organisations Event Organisers Must Work With to Hold Large Live Events in the UK

Official Organisations for Event Organisers in the UK

In the UK, there are several official organisations that event organisers may need to get permission from in order to hold a large live event. 

The specific requirements and permissions needed will depend on the type and size of the event, as well as the location and other factors. Here are some of the key organisations and permissions to be aware of:

  • Local Council – Depending on the location of the event, organisers may need to obtain permission from the local council. This may include obtaining permits for road closures, erecting structures, serving alcohol, and other activities.
  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – The HSE is responsible for enforcing health and safety regulations in the UK. Event organisers may need to submit a risk assessment and obtain approval from the HSE for larger events.
  • Licensing Authority – If the event will involve selling alcohol or providing entertainment, organisers will need to obtain a licence from the relevant local licensing authority. This may include a temporary event notice (TEN) or a premises licence.
  • Police – For larger events, organisers may need to coordinate with the local police department to ensure security and crowd control. This may involve submitting a security plan and obtaining approval from the police.
  • Fire and Rescue Service – Event organisers may need to submit a fire safety plan and obtain approval from the local fire and rescue service. This may include ensuring that exits are clearly marked, fire extinguishers are available, and other safety measures are in place.
  • Environmental Health – If the event will involve loud music or other noise, organisers may need to obtain permission from the local environmental health department. This may include setting noise limits and ensuring that nearby residents are not unduly affected.
  • Public Liability Insurance – It is recommended that event organisers obtain public liability insurance to protect against any potential accidents or incidents that may occur during the event.

It is important for event organisers to research and comply with all relevant regulations and requirements in order to ensure a safe and successful event. The specific permissions and approvals needed will vary depending on the nature and location of the event.

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