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Overcoming Objections: Convincing Decision Makers to Adopt

There could be several objections that bosses, boards, and committees may raise against using Some possible objections and responses are:

Concerns about the app’s reliability:

Some decision-makers may be hesitant to rely on a technology-based solution for an important event. In response, event professionals can point out that the app has been tested and used successfully at other events, and that it is designed to be reliable and user-friendly.

Privacy and security concerns:

Decision-makers may worry about the privacy and security of attendees’ data when using the app. In response, event professionals can explain the security measures in place to protect users’ data, and provide assurances that the app complies with relevant data protection regulations. Gyder does not collect specific customer data as people can use the app for free, don’t have to sign in or make an account or supply any details whatsoever.

Resistance to change:

Some decision-makers may simply be resistant to change, and prefer to stick with traditional methods such as printed event programs. In response, event professionals can explain the benefits of using and provide evidence of how it has been successful at other events.

Cost concerns:

A branded Gyder app will cost very much less than just a design cost – never mind the compilation, printing and shipping – of a printed programme.  Event professionals can provide a cost-benefit analysis that demonstrates the potential return on investment and long-term cost savings.

Lack of technical expertise:

Some decision-makers may be concerned about the technical expertise required to develop and maintain the app. In response, event professionals can explain that is designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement, and no technical knowledge is required from the event organisation.

By anticipating and addressing these objections, event professionals can help to alleviate concerns and persuade decision-makers to approve the use of for their events.

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