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The Gap in Mapping: Why Google and Other Apps Don’t Cover Temporary Live Events

Why Gyder?

Google and other map app providers generally do not map out temporary live events, such as festivals, open-air shows and exhibitions. These events are often short-lived and do not have a permanent physical presence in the location where they take place.

Mapping out these events would require significant resources, including surveying the event site, creating a map, and updating the map with real-time information about the event. This would be a considerable investment for map app providers, especially since many temporary events are not recurring or may only happen once a year.

Additionally, map app providers often rely on crowdsourced data to keep their maps up-to-date. For temporary events, gathering accurate crowdsourced data in real time can be difficult, which may lead to inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the map.

However, some map app providers may partner with event organisers to provide information about temporary events, such as parking and transit information, through their app. The event organisers typically provide this information, which may not be available in real-time.

Overall, while mapping out temporary live events could be useful for attendees, it may not be a feasible option for map app providers due to the resources required and the challenges associated with gathering accurate real-time data.

Gyder has solved the problem for event organisers by providing a low-cost way to map out their show, supply event timetables and significantly increase income from advertising and sponsorship.

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