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The Generation Gap in Navigation: Why Younger People Struggle with Paper Maps at Live Events

There are several reasons why younger people may find it difficult or impossible to read paper maps:

Widespread use of digital mapping technology:

Younger generations have grown up in a world where digital mapping technology, such as GPS and smartphone maps, are widely used. This may have led to a decreased need to develop the skills needed to read paper maps.

Lack of exposure to paper maps:

Younger generations may have had less exposure to paper maps than older generations. Paper maps are less commonly used today than they were in the past, and many younger people may not have had the opportunity to learn how to read them.

The complexity of paper maps:

Paper maps can be more complex and require more spatial reasoning skills to read than digital maps. Younger generations may be less familiar with these skills and find it more difficult to understand and interpret paper maps.

The convenience of digital maps:

Digital maps are more convenient and accessible than paper maps in many ways. They can be accessed from a smartphone or other device, updated in real time, and offer additional features such as turn-by-turn directions. This may make digital maps more appealing and convenient for younger generations.


Overall, the widespread adoption of digital mapping technology and the decreased use of paper maps may have contributed to a decrease in the ability of younger generations to read paper maps.

While most of the world is mapped out very well by the likes of Google Maps and others, Gyder provides a low-cost solution to event organisers who are realising paper maps or display maps simply do not work for a growing number of visitors.

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