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Top 10 Reasons Why Gyder is the Ultimate Choice for Live Event Organisers

Here are ten reasons why should be considered by live event organisers:

Smartphone maps – free to download and use:

Event organisers produce an event or exhibition map place exhibitors, facilities, access points and so on to plan an event.  Gyder takes this plan, automates it and overlays the event’s position via GPS satellite and other information sources. This is then published within a branded Gyder app to provide an interactive map which works exactly like common mapping platforms like Google Maps.
The provides interactive maps that help attendees navigate the event venue easily, find their way to specific locations, and avoid getting lost. It also gives exhibitors a way to highlight their offering, advertise to visitors and give directions to their stand.

Real-time updates: provides real-time updates to attendees, including event schedules, changes to the schedule, and notifications about important updates related to the event.

Personalised schedules:

Attendees can personalise their event schedules using, selecting the sessions or activities they are interested in and creating a custom schedule. Gyder will then notify the user of their smartphone app when the event they picked is due to start and give directions to that event.


Gyder works with event organisers and exhibitors to send notifications to the smartphone app branded to the show. Visitors using the app can be informed of scheduled changes, news about the event and, in emergencies, information which can help.

Event analytics: provides event analytics that help organisers understand attendee behaviour and preferences, providing insights that can be used to improve future events.

Sponsorship opportunities:

Gyder offers sponsorship opportunities that allow sponsors to promote their brand and reach a targeted audience at live events. The main sponsor can maintain a constant presence to the majority of all the visitors with the app.

There are also opportunities to have other sponsors – maybe highlighting a particular section of an event – on feature pages and within timetables which is a powerful feature of the app.


Exhibitors often have offers at shows to attract passing visitors. This may be in the form of a competition, product offer, new product launch information, discounts and so on.  Gyder can publicice offers via notifications and pop up adverts, bringing visitors to the stand from all over the showground – increasing the traffic to the stand.

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