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Stand out with Gyder ads & sponsorships

Showcase your business in Gyder & attract new customers. Highlight your brand with map pins, banner ads, feature pages, and event offers for maximum exposure.

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Why advertise in Gyder

All visitors to events that use Gyder can download the app for FREE before their visit. Your advertisements and sponsorships will be ready to view before the show to maximise your exposure. On average 80% of visitors download the app offering an excellent chance to reach a wide audience.

  • Increase footfall
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Sell more stock
  • Create offers
  • Promote your website
  • Target specific visitors
  • Launch products and services

Some app stats

6 mins

Average session time per use

2 million

Over 2 million impressions per event


More downloads than programme sales

Advertising & sponsorship options

There are lots of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to choose from within events listing in Gyder, availability varies across different events so get in touch to book your spot.

Map pins

Stand out from the crowd and help customers find you with one of our branded map pins. Map pins increase engagement allowing users to get directions straight to your location and easily bookmarked you so they don’t forget to visit. By purchasing a pin you also get your brand featured in our searchable menu highlighting your presence even more.

Banner ads

Gyder’s banner adverts are an effective way for exhibitors to get their message out and begin to grow their customer base before the event has opened. Banners are displayed in all major areas of Gyder and allows you to better measure ad effectiveness at events.

Feature pages

Feature pages let exhibitors show off their brands and products all in one place bringing together photos, detailed descriptions, links, and offers.


Add your offers in one convenient place where event visitors can easily find and use them. Gyder gives you the ability to add checkout codes for use online and custom bar codes / QR codes to be used at your stand helping you to increase your sales.


Get your brand in front of thousands of visitors by taking advantage of our sponsorship opportunities. There are many options available to you, these range from sponsoring the entire event app, an area within the map and timetable, or even a single timetable event.

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