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Digitise your event without the hassle

Revolutionise your event with the latest digital technology without overspending; Gyder provides a cost-effective solution to provide your exhibitors and visitors with a better experience.

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A platform for all events

The Gyder event platform enhances your visitors' experience and generate revenue for your event. There are 2 options to help fit with your budget.

Option 1

The Gyder app

Keep costs low and help visitors easily navigate your event, boost exhibitors presence to generate sales and footfall. List your event in our directory and also utilise Gyder's ever-growing collection of events to give your event more exposure and ticket sales.

Option 2

Your own app

Unlock the potential of a custom-branded event app powered by Gyder - zero cost and hassle-free. Utilise push notifications to create all year round engagement and get access to analytics and see how your event is performing.

Why use Gyder

Gyder offers a comprehensive set of features including interactive event maps, timetables, and planners to help visitors quickly find their way around and access relevant information, all available for free. Replacing your printed program with a Gyder app can offer several benefits, such as reducing costs and management time, increasing your advertising income, improving visitor experience, and meeting the needs of your exhibitors.

Improve your enviromental credentials

By utilising Gyder, you can significantly reduce the need for printing and cut down on paper waste.

Easily communication with visitors

With your event accessible via visitors' smartphones, you can conveniently engage with them at any time.

Increase income

With Gyder, you can generate additional revenue by selling advertising. Over 80% of visitors use and download Gyder, this provides exhibitors with compelling advertising and sponsorship opportunities to promote their brand to a wider audience.

  • Circle check Increase your ad sales
  • Circle check Create more sponsorship opportunities
  • Circle check Drive engagement for your exhibitors
  • Circle check Easily measure ad performance

Reduce costs

Replace your printed program with a Gyder app, and lower print costs and reduce management efforts.

Collect event information & analytics

Our reporting system provides insights into visitor flow, dwell time, advertisement, and other valuable metrics.

What does Gyder do?

Gyder is a ready to go app for events and attractions, giving organisers an efficient way of promoting their content via a modern digital offering.  Our range of features mean we can support any type of event or attraction, promote sustainability and help generate organisations new revenue streams.

Interactive maps

Our micro-maps contain everything a visitor may wish to find at an event.  From toilets and parking, to first-aid and water refill points, we cover it all. 

Visitors can also locate specific exhibitors with our search functionality and get turn by turn directions to find their exact route.

Digitised timetables

Give your visitors access to a detailed show programme and the ability to plan their day by bookmarking retailers and show events before they even get there.

What’s more, you can make last minute changes to scheduled events, and quickly change running times if you’re off schedule.

Generate revenue

Create an extra revenue stream with our range of integrated advertising opportunities, all you need to do is set the price and sell to your exhibitors.

Our advertising options help exhibitors connect with your visitors allowing them to share their offers and attract more customers.

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Event insights

With powerful analytics we  can provide you with insights into how visitors are interacting with your event.

Which areas of shows were popular, where areas were potentially becoming crowded and much more.

Digitise your Event and Save – Money – Time – the Environment

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