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The Great Yorkshire Show 2023

The four-day show celebrates agriculture, food, farming and the countryside. Book your tickets and head for the Great Yorkshire Showground, Railway Road, Harrogate, HG2 8NZ

164th Great Yorkshire Show takes place from Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 July 2023.


Regarded as one of the largest agricultural shows in the UK, The Great Yorkshire Show is known as one of the UK’s premier live events. Yorkshire Agricultural Society, the organisers expect over 130,000 people to the 250-acre show ground near Harrogate.

Some visitors see the Great Yorkshire Show as a great day out, while others see it as a chance to catch up with friends and new ideas from the hundreds of exhibitors expected to attend.  

In 2022, the show featured well-known celebrities on the four days, including Countryfile presenter Adam Henson, JB Gill – pop star turned farmer, TV host Matt Baker Shepherdess Amanda Owen and the Yorkshire Vet – Peter Wright. Watch this space to see our update on who will appear in 2023.

Competitions at the Great Yorkshire Show

For some, attendance at the show can be nerve-racking.  The Great Yorkshire Show features many competitions focused on agricultural and countryside life. For example, here are some of the competitions that have historically been held at the Great Yorkshire Show:

Livestock Competitions: The Great Yorkshire Show is well-known for its livestock competitions, including cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats. Various breeds and categories compete for prizes based on conformation, breeding, and overall quality.

Show Jumping: Show Jumping competitions featuring skilled riders and horses taking on challenging courses are popular at the Great Yorkshire Show. Different classes and divisions are held based on the experience and skill levels of the participants.

Heavy Horse Show: The Great Yorkshire Show often hosts heavy horse competitions, showcasing magnificent draft horses such as Shires, Clydesdales, and Suffolk Punches. These gentle giants are evaluated based on their size, strength, and overall presentation.

Sheepdog Trials: Border Collies and other herding dogs compete in sheepdog trials, demonstrating their skills in guiding and controlling flocks of sheep. Handlers and their dogs navigate challenging courses and showcase their ability to work as a team.

Farriery Competitions: Skilled farriers participate in competitions where they demonstrate craftsmanship in horseshoeing and blacksmithing. These competitions often include live demonstrations and evaluations of their work.

Horticulture Competitions: The Great Yorkshire Show features competitions that showcase beautiful flowers, plants, vegetables, and other cultivated produce. Participants compete for prizes based on their entries’ quality, variety, and presentation.

Cheese and Dairy Product Competitions: Yorkshire’s rich dairy heritage is celebrated with competitions dedicated to cheese and dairy products. Local producers present their best cheeses, butter, yoghurts, and other dairy delights for judging.

Poultry Competitions: Poultry enthusiasts participate in various classes and categories, showcasing a wide range of chicken breeds, waterfowl, and game birds. Judges evaluate the birds based on their breed standards and overall condition.

Don’t Miss – Download the Official Great Yorkshire Show app

In 2022, the Great Yorkshire Show was praised for its move into a more environmentally and information-rich smartphone app.  The branded app, available for most iPhone and Android users, also contained an interactive map which was invaluable in finding the fastest route to anywhere at the show.  

In 2023, the Great Yorkshire Show will launch a new and improved official app.  By gathering feedback from users, the app will now feature the following:

  • Downloadable maps – saving battery and functionality even without a signal.
  • Itinerary – listing all competitions and events.
  • Planner – choose what and when you want to see things and the app will give you more information, remind you and show you the way there.

Exhibitors at the Great Yorkshire Show

The Great Yorkshire Show attracts a diverse range of exhibitors from various sectors. Here are some of the types of exhibitors who have appeared at the Great Yorkshire Show in the past:

Livestock Exhibitors: Farmers, agricultural breeders, and livestock enthusiasts showcase their cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, and other animals at the show. These exhibitors present their animals for judging, aiming to demonstrate the quality and breeding of their livestock.

Equestrian Exhibitors: Horse owners, trainers, and equestrian enthusiasts participate in the show with their horses. They compete in show jumping events, dressage competitions, carriage driving, and other equestrian disciplines. Additionally, exhibitors often showcase various horse breeds, promoting their breeding programs and offering information about their services.

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Exhibitors: Companies specialising in farm machinery and equipment set up exhibits at the Great Yorkshire Show. They showcase their latest models of tractors, harvesters, sprayers, and other farming equipment. As a result, farmers and agricultural professionals can explore and learn about the latest advancements in farming technology.

Food and Drink Exhibitors: Producers of locally sourced food and drink products showcase their offerings at the show. These exhibitors may include dairy farmers, artisanal cheese makers, craft breweries, distilleries, bakers, confectioners, and other food producers. In addition, visitors can sample and purchase various regional specialities.

Horticulture Exhibitors: Gardeners, landscapers, and horticulture enthusiasts participate in the show’s horticulture competitions. They exhibit a range of plants, flowers, vegetables, and other cultivated produce. In addition, these exhibitors often provide gardening advice, sell plants and gardening supplies, and offer information on gardening techniques.

Rural Crafts Exhibitors: Skilled artisans and craftspeople display their handmade products, showcasing traditional rural crafts and contemporary creations. Exhibitors may include woodworkers, blacksmiths, potters, weavers, basket makers, and other artisans. They offer their wares for sale and provide insights into their craft techniques.

Rural Organisations and Institutions: Various rural organisations, agricultural colleges, veterinary clinics, and government agencies set up information booths at the show. They aim to educate and engage visitors on topics such as agricultural practices, rural development, animal welfare, and environmental conservation.

Clothes and Countrywear: Some of the busiest stands at the Great Yorkshire Show are those selling clothes, footwear, accessories and other items emphasising farming and rural fashion.

Companies and other organisers are busily booking their stands at the Great Yorkshire Show. The complete list will appear nearer to the event. In the last ten years, the following organisations attended the show.

  • John Deere (Agricultural machinery manufacturer)
  • Massey Ferguson (Agricultural machinery manufacturer)
  • JCB (Construction and agricultural machinery manufacturer)
  • New Holland (Agricultural machinery manufacturer)
  • Case IH (Agricultural machinery manufacturer)
  • British Blue Cattle Society (Cattle breeders association)
  • Texel Sheep Society (Sheep breeders association)
  • Nidderdale Agricultural Society (Local agricultural society)
  • Holstein UK (Dairy cattle breeders association)
  • British Limousin Cattle Society (Cattle breeders association)
  • Red Tractor (Food assurance scheme)
  • The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (Charitable organisation)
  • The National Farmers’ Union (Farmers’ organisation)
  • Craven Cattle Marts Ltd (Livestock auctioneers)
  • Robinsons Brewery (Brewery)
  • Wensleydale Creamery (Cheese producer)
  • Skipton Building Society (Financial institution)
  • Yorkshire Agricultural Society (Organiser of the Great Yorkshire Show)
  • NFU Mutual (Insurance company)
  • Yara International (Fertilizer manufacturer)
  • Arla Foods (Dairy cooperative)
  • Ripon Farm Services (Agricultural machinery dealer)
  • Carrs Billington Agriculture (Agricultural supplies)
  • Syngenta (Agricultural chemical company)
  • ABP Food Group (Meat processing company)
  • Genus plc (Animal genetics company)
  • H&H Group (Livestock auctioneers and valuers)
  • British Horse Society (Equestrian organisation)
  • Farmers Weekly (Agricultural publication)
  • Kuhn Group (Agricultural machinery manufacturer)
  • Volac International (Animal nutrition and feed company)
  • Agrii (Agricultural services provider)
  • Cranswick plc (Food producer)
  • Fera Science Ltd (Agricultural and environmental research organisation)
  • DeLaval Ltd (Dairy farming equipment manufacturer)
  • Horsch (Agricultural machinery manufacturer)
  • British Goat Society (Goat breeders association)
  • Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (Conservation and land management)
  • The British Wool Marketing Board (Wool producer and marketer)
  • Mole Valley Farmers (Agricultural supplies and services)
  • Thirsk Farmers Auction Mart (Livestock auctioneers)
  • Carrs Agriculture (Agricultural services and supplies)
  • Wynnstay Group (Agricultural supplies and services)
  • Pirelli (Tire manufacturer)
  • GiraSolar Ltd (Renewable energy solutions for agriculture)
  • Lely (Robotic milking and feeding systems)
  • McLanahan Corporation (Agricultural equipment manufacturer)
    Please note the actual exhibitors will be confirmed closer to the show, which begins in July.

Offers at the Great Yorkshire Show

This coming July, download your official Great Yorkshire Show app to find out what offers are available exclusively to visitors.  Each exhibitor can list their offer separately on the app, which can help save money and give preferential treatment. 

The official Great Yorkshire Show app will be launched in June, watch this space for a link either to the iPhone store or Google Play.

Great Yorkshire Show Reviews

Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor and Twitter Reviews of the Great Yorkshire Show‍We gathered together reviews posted by hundreds of visitors to the Great Yorkshire Show from top review sites and produced this ‘word cloud’  which gives a good flavour of the show’s positive reviews.

Reviews of the Great Yorkshire Show

Reviews by Visitors to the Great Yorkshire Show

This year’s show should be even better with new competitions, more stands, more animals and lots more to do.

The one thing the organisers of the Great Yorkshire Show picked up from visitor comments was that there was a demand for better maps as the show is so big.  That’s why, this year, you can find a fully digital map of the Great Yorkshire Show by downloading it to your smartphone.


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