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Charities at The Great Yorkshire Show 2023

The people of Yorkshire are renowned for their careful approach to money but not when it comes to charity. There are a number of charities represented at the Great Yorkshire Show.

The Yorkshire Beekeepers Association has been promoting the use of honeybees in the county since 1881. Yorkshire Beekeepers Association can be found on Discovery Zone stand 388. Their website is

The Greyhound Trust is a charity which cares for retired racing greyhounds and other dogs. Greyhound Trust can be found on Eighth Avenue stand 329. Their website is

The W I (North Yorks’ West Federation of Women’s Institutes) was founded in 1909 and is one of many Women’s Institutes across the country. Their location can be found on Avenue F stand 690. Their website is

Dogs Trust is an animal welfare charity, established in 1991, which provides care to dogs with behavioural problems or who have been abandoned or mistreated. Dogs Trust – Excel Fundraising can be found on Avenue G stand 716. Their website is

Experience Community CIC is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 2008. It provides a range of outdoor activities to people with disabilities and those who are disadvantaged. The organisation also hosts conferences, training courses and exhibitions. Experience Community CIC can be found on Avenue N stand 476. Their website is

The British Heart Foundation is a charity organisation which is committed to saving lives by preventing coronary heart disease. They provide services in the areas of research, education, prevention and treatment. The British Heart Foundation can be found on Avenue N stand 475.

Macmillan Cancer Support is an international cancer charity that helps people living with cancer in their daily lives. Macmillan Cancer Support/ BRC Promotions Ltd can be found on Avenue P South stand 170.

The Samaritans Yorks & Humberside Region is a charity that provides emotional support to people who are struggling in the North of England. Samaritans Yorks & Humberside Region can be found on Avenue P South stand 176. Their website is

The Donkey Sanctuary is a charity that rescues and rehabilitates donkeys and other equines. The Donkey Sanctuary can be found on Pavilion Rd stand 90. Their website is

Crimestoppers Trust is a charity that helps people report crimes anonymously. Crimestoppers Trust can be found on Avenue Q stand 189. Their website is

Girl Guiding North East England is an organisation for girls aged 5-14, with over 40,000 members. Girl Guiding North East England can be found on Avenue Q stand 203. Their website is

Kidney Research Yorkshire (KRW) is a charity that provides renal dialysis treatment to patients from across the North of England who are unable to access it on the NHS. They also fund research into kidney disease and provide education for professionals working in renal care. Kidney Research Yorkshire can be found on Avenue Q stand 187. Their website is

Plantlife is an independent charitable organisation that campaigns for the conservation of wild plants and fungi, and runs plant conservation projects across Britain. Plantlife can be found on Avenue Q stand 186. Their website is

The Yorkshire Brain Tumour Charity is an organisation that aims to improve the quality of life for people who are diagnosed with brain tumours. They do so by providing support, information and research grants to those who need them. Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity can be found on Avenue Q stand 200. Their website is

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust is an organisation that works towards the conservation of endangered livestock breeds all over the world. They help farmers keep their rare breeds alive by providing them with breeding stock, advice, information and practical support. Rare Breeds Survival Trust can be found on Avenue S stand 260. Their website is

Farming Christian Link (FCL) can be found on Sheep Avenue stand 246. Their website is

Guide Dogs for the Blind can be found on Avenue T stand 370

If you have a charity stand at the Great Yorkshire Show and want to appear on the digital map, please contact us here.

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