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Your Brand, Your Event: Low-Cost, and Sustainable App Solutions

We Create Your Branded Event App in Days: Interactive Maps, Timetables with Reminders and Online Offers. Talk to Gyder to get your event App at a fraction of the cost while generating substantial advertising income.

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Over a Million Visitors will use Branded Apps Supplied by Gyder this year

Event organisers

Get Gyder for your event

The latest digital technology at a fraction of the cost.
  • Design your branded app in days.
  • Bespoke maps built just for your event.
  • Save the cost of printed programmes.
  • Way finding for visitors and your own staff.
  • Timetables with locations and reminders set by users.
  • Massively reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Make last minute changes to event timetables and stand locations.
  • Send notifications to all users on the day.
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Exhibitors & businesses

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Showcase your business in Gyder & attract new customers. Highlight your brand with map pins, banner ads, feature pages, and event offers for maximum exposure.
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Gyder features

Your interactive event maps help visitors find their way, plan their day with your timetables and find exclusive event offers all in one place.

Easy Navigation

Navigating an event is made effortless with our Interactive Gyder Map. Quickly locate the closest bar, restroom, or food court. Or, simply search for exactly what you need.

We publish your map to your specifications and list every exhibitor, stand and show areas. Bars, places to eat, and all the facilities are pinpointed on the map.

GPS technology tracks the user's location so we can show the way to anywhere they want to go. This can be done by tapping on the map or with our search feature and look-up buttons.

Map locations can be programmed to display an exhibitor's brand. The pin can help visitors find the exhibitors via the map and can be connected to a full-page advert. This feature of the system generates income for show organisers.

Timetable Magic

Event organisers will find our online event timetable solution a massive saving in time and cost. Right up to the day of the show, times, locations and information can be changed.

Users can set their reminders on the app, so they have time to get to the scheduled event and find it too.

Exhibitors or organisers of events can sponsor the timetable itself or a component within it. Since this part of the app is visited the most often, timetable sponsorship increases awareness repeatedly as the timeline is used.

Your Branded Event App - Before, During and After the Show

Before heading to the event, Visitors can take the time to explore it thoroughly. In addition, many will use it to plan their day using the app's timetable, show guide and offers section.

Unlike printed programmes, your bespoke Gyder app has a life before, during and after the show. Thousands will download the app before they set off for your event, provided you highlight the app's availability. We plan to release the app a month before the event.

We know there will be further changes, so we work with you to update the app right up to the week before the event. Even then, you can ask for urgent changes. Having the app on visitors' phones extends the value of your event to you and exhibitors and sponsors.

Experience shows us up to 80% of all people downloading our event apps keep them on their phones for months after the show ends.

Offers and Promotions

The Offers feature on Gyder provides exhibitors with a powerful tool to boost their presence and engage with attendees.

Exhibitors can create and showcase exclusive offers, discounts, or promotions for their products or services. The Offers feature helps exhibitors stand out among competitors and drives foot traffic, generating leads and sales.

Experience shows that the Offers section is one of the most visited parts on a branded app.

Offers can be introduced on certain days and times. Post-show, the success of each offer can be measured by Gyder's systems to help in future planning.

Your Own App for Your Own Event

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